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An Exploration of the Writing Life
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7th-Feb-2011 03:07 pm - Middle-age is just the beginning.
And an important thing to remember: I am young for a writer.
7th-Feb-2011 02:44 pm - Chemistry.
Team Werewolf
Chemistry. If you can write that, you can make a living. I think maybe I can write chemistry.
"I decided a long time ago that I'd rather die a glorious public failure than a polite successful coward. Excelsior!"

"If you're being published, become aware of all the people staring over your shoulder, and the fact that you can't please all of them. A third to half is pretty good, and if you can make one third really love you--well, the thing is, the more people, in general, who really really like a book, the more people, on the flip side, will hate it. This is good. The last thing you want, as an artist, is indifference. Passion. Passion is good. Passion means you're doing something useful."
30th-Aug-2005 03:42 pm - Salka
Reigis attempts her virtue by force. "Not stronger or faster now, are you?" he sneers, pinning her arms to her sides. She does not struggle. "You really are as dumb as a dung beetle, Reigis," she says. And bites his lower lip off. Sheehan is called before the King. He offers for her hand.
29th-Aug-2005 06:20 pm - Angus
What happens to the leftover food from the Duke's great tables? The meat is preserved, not quite turned into jerky, but it does become drier and more chewy. The vegetables are added to soups or composted. The fruit is pounded into leather, cooked down into butter, or fermented with pixie spit into a thick, syrupy pulp used as a base for liquor and for soaking cakes and trifles.

The fae celebrate the changing of the seasons. Evergreen boughs and dancing lights, black branches heavy with red berries, stars and snow falling from the ceiling of the Great Hall. They dress in the colors of the season: blood red, snow white, ever green, midnight blue, starry silvers and gold for the return of the Sun King. Purple is shunned until the return of Spring.
5th-Sep-2003 05:44 am - Here goes!
I'm putting bits n' pieces of story here, a semi-public forum! Jumping jiminy, I'm brave!

As you may have noticed, it's friends-only. So perhaps I'm not that brave.

For those who are friends, please keep in mind that this is rough stuff, constantly subject to editing and revision. Events are rarely, if ever, related in chronological order. You probably shouldn't expect a cohesive storyline. Ever. Also, more than one story may get parted out in here over time. You never know. As always, comment if you'd like to be added.

I thank you for your interest in my foofonic scribblings.
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